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Welcome to the Thomas G. Smith Funeral Home, a full service funeral establishment serving families in and around the Northeast Ohio area.


We believe that all persons deserve the utmost in dignity with respect to the closing of their lives.  In addition, we believe that the surviving family members and friends deserve the highest quality of service and comfort possible during the emotionally unsettling time of death.  As a result, our primary mission is to provide dignified and worry free final rites for the families we serve with the delivery of such services in an empathetic, comforting and professional manner.  We also strive to place special emphasis on the quality of our product offerings as well as on high levels of personalized service to families.


We are always available to answer your questions by email or by phone.  Please feel free to contact us.


Thank You!



Thomas G. Smith

Funeral Director and Embalmer


Lisa A. Smith

Funeral Director


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